Tv fix
How about video signal(y luminance+ rgb colors) in tv fixs?
Is actually a program must to learn that you have many mixing colors ways
Plus mixing: add color to a different to make a new color
Minus mixing:body takes one color
Tv fixs with all the plus mixing one !!
The real difference between monitor and television fixs not simply the antenna but decoding this signal to video signal and color signal

how to fix tv screen
Chroma is really a filter to pass through signal-it receives video signal
Amplify this signal
H sync or sand castle or ssc is signal which came from flyback to the signal to avoid color killer from working
Burst signal even as we say is the signal to manipulate wave which carry and paint video signal
Burst control :
-clamping: To advance the signal 90 degree �not to conflict with saturation(red-blue)
-pal switch:make signal of red satiruation to hold back for blue to allow matrix to identify green signal at their store